Would You Take an Employer Assessment Test?

Akankasha Singh
Apr 26, 2021
Employer or Employee?

There are quite a few employee assessment tests.

We can easily say there’s a bloodbath in that arena.

But what about Employer assessment. When I googled it, I still got tests that makes employers assess the employees. Duuhh Google!

Where are the tests that assess employers? Why has an employee never thought of what the employer should have in order to deal with the employee they’re gonna take on board?

In an SME setup, mostly the business owner takes the final round of interview. How is an employee supposed to assess the employer is trustworthy, creative, respectful and most importantly driven to make things happen?

But the key question still is — as an employer, an entrepreneur, a job-creator, would you take an assessment? And top it off with pasting it on Linkedin for all to see you’re human too?



Akankasha Singh

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