Why is Decision Making so Difficult for Business Owners

Akankasha Singh
2 min readMay 31, 2022


Missed writing my journal today. Instead went for a run. It was a beautiful morning and literally screaming ‘you gotta run’. Or maybe I was all pepped up about the day, what with a prospective closure meeting, or maybe it was my (still continuing) plant based dinner that kept the energy rolling. Got back from the run and charted out an entire 2 week content plan for a client. Can’t let a Tuesdays morning go waste afterall!

Finished the plan and got a message of the prospect having to go out of town, which I’m assuming is an excuse for an early meeting scheduled by him though. So that cleared some time for me to have a chat with my brother and laugh at his shenanigans, along with asking him to give me references for my business, out of his real estate client base. All of this happened over a course of 4hours, but I was in a flow state of mind where I was conscious of not letting anything come in my way.

This flow state of mind, I believe is something that builds momentum, and makes us take decisions, risks, action and the likes. But the same does not apply to everyone. I did not think once as to why the prospect would have cancelled an hour before the scheduled meeting, and instead started to reason what challenges would he be facing to reach a conclusion about his business’s digital presence — this is all the meeting was lined up for!

And here are the few things I think, that came in his way of being in the flow state, and instead of giving a go-ahead, he decided to not show up (for now at least):

  1. Lack of clarity on what he wants to achieve from the entire plan presented
  2. Not enough understanding of WHY his business needs digital marketing
  3. Lack of trust to buy into something he has only seen and heard of, but never implemented
  4. Lack of proper evaluation of other agencies to allow him a broader scope of decision making
  5. Lack of deep thinking around benefits of the entire engagement
  6. Lack of commitment to the journey to his goals which is always harder than achieving the goal

I could go on, but large part of our decisions are driven from how we think about a subject, what we want to achieve from it and whether the tool/resource/person is matching up to similar level of understanding.

“Be wise today so you don’t cry tomorrow” — Quote by E.A.Bucchianeri



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