How to be Happy in Your Job

Akankasha Singh
2 min readSep 11, 2020


Being Happy

Jobs are the core of our living. Not because of just the bills they pay, but because of the value they add to our lives. If you are still finding your perfect job, good luck with it. There is nothing perfect, forget a job. But there are some things you can do to partake that pursuit of perfection.

As being happy is subjective, so is it in the job scenario. As a responsible person working hard to reach a satisfactory level always, you would often face yourself with questions like are you happy with what you do? And most often that not its a dull reply of ‘yea sure’ or for some its an ecstatic ‘of course’.

But there is one key question if you ask yourself everyday, that can lead you to being happy in a job.

“How is my work today going to ease out Decision Making for someone else in the Big Order”

So let me break this down to explain it. Decision Making is a key activity all of us are doing. Opting from choices is what leads us to make decisions at work and off it too. Which vendor to go ahead with, what service is most suitable for this particular client, how can I make the numbers contribute to the overall growth, these are all the questions which add to the Big Order of the organisation.

Not all departments or individuals would be directly working on these you might argue. But you are a part of the food chain in the organisation. There is certainly something you are doing that is adding value to the end result. Do a backward working of where your work gets recognised. Maybe you are just visible over emails only to your boss, but who is he/she further discussing that as a data point with.

Navigate your way to find who are you really contributing to, frame the picture in your mind of how it all adds up and then work consistently towards providing the best of your work each day. Example you could be a graphic designer in an agency. The design project which you are working on has direct correlation to the sales team who bagged the project, the account management team who has you and others to work around this with and the Finance team who bills the top line. But it is your design that is driving all these — so how do you figure yourself in the entire chain now.

Being a part of the decision making process might not be for everyone, but your contribution to further such big business can be done.

The next question to ponder: What’s stopping you from doing this? What’s stopping you from being happy in your job?



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