Dance Floors are extinct just like the Giants

A lot of pubs and restaurants have moved their dedicated dance spaces out. New ones don’t account for it at all.

As a college grad our gang of friends did not really need a dance floor to get grooving. The side of the table (and then eventually the top) was good enough to just get moving. Kids and adults alike don’t groove as much as they did a decade back it seems. Until of course the alcohol kicks in and the speakers blare the latest tracks.

Not waiting for a chance, a place, a platform — and yet having the max amount of fun — was a norm. Just like it was in business — you did not wait for the perfect setting to startup. You did not wait for the perfect office, team, client and vendor to come on board. The idea, got converted into a zeal and drive so high that everything else was taken care of.

Most importantly, a lot of successful entrepreneurs claim they stand on shoulders of some real giants to be where they are today. That platform is lost in the crowd of everyone claiming themselves (or their companies) offering that platform.

Don’t wait, the platform will show up, with the giants. You got to start dancing, build on your tunes and grooves and just make sure you hydrate enough to keep going!


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Akankasha Singh

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